Oba calls for Police Station in Igbogbo


    By Samuel Omegai

    Residents of Igbogbo on the outskirt of Ikorodu have cried out to the government for urgent police station in the community. The need arises because of the increase in criminal activities by thieves, rapists and robbers who terrorise the people of the community from time to time.  In the past, the Igbogbo community had faced the menace of suspected assassins and cult related killings causing some of the residents to flee for safety.

    In a meeting with the Oba of Igbogbo  Semiudeen Orimadegun Kasali, National Daily gathered that the Oba has requested for a police station in Igbogbo. He said that the population in igbogbo has greatly increased and that the only other police station available is far from Igbogbo and is not well equipped with personnel.

    The Oba said that the domestic measure that is in place now is the ONYABO vigilate group and that they have tried their possible best to curb criminal activities, but not all these local securities have the legal right to own a gun, the Oba said. The Oba Semiudeen Orimadegun Kasali said that he has spoken to the representative of Ikorodu constituency II Hon.Solaja-Saka Nurudeen on the need for a police station in his domain.

    Mr Godspower, a resident who spoke to National Daily said, “We don’t know what is happening in Nigeria especially in Igbogbo as nowhere is safe. There is hardship and criminals are making life more difficult for us, to the extent that one is afraid for night fall.”  He also stated that when there is a criminal case and the police are called he says it takes a lot of time before police show up. He therefore pleaded with the government to come to their aid and help them build a police station within the community.

    Another resident, Tunji Bello said, “The ONYABO vigilante group has supported the police enormously but there is still a vacuum.  I can say that if the police should have a station close to the residents in Igbogbo, the crime rate will be reduced if not totally eradicated.”