Obama’s Daughter, Malia shows off crazy dance steps, Rolls on the floor (Video)



Former American president, Barack Obama and his family have been in the news despite his vacation from the US top office.

The former president’s daughter, Malia, well-loved by the media and paparazzi is however back in the news after she was caught on camera dancing crazily at a festival.

The ex-president’s daughter was at the music festival on Friday night and has since been making waves online due to her dance.

In the video which is now trending online, people were amazed to see the former president’s daughter show off her passion for dancing at the event holding in Chicago.

The video obtained by TMZ showed the former First Daughter rolling on the floor in the dirt as she banged her head to the rock ‘n’ roll music played by the The Killers.

Malia, definitely a big fan of the Rock band could not contain herself.

However, this is not the first time she has been caught in such display as she was spotted twerking last year at the festival.

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