Olashore International School restates commitment to giving scholarship

    Olashore International School has reiterated its commitment to rewarding outstanding performances in its seventh year entrance examination through the Olashore Scholarship.
    According to the school authority, this is open to all incoming year seven (7) students who performed with distinction in various entrance examinations held within and outside Nigeria.
    In total, scholarships will be awarded to 10% of the new Year 7 students.
    Located in Iloko-Ijesha, Osun State, the school organized the Scholarship examination yesterday, May 1st at the school’s premises.
    The top 10% of students will receive a scholarship on tuition fee in recognition of their outstanding performances.
    According to the Principal, Mr. Derek Smith, the school believes in rewarding outstanding candidates to encourage and promote a culture of healthy competition among students.
    He added that the merit-based scholarship will instill academic confidence in individual students further enhancing the high standards of the school. It will also assist parents by helping cover the tuition fees of the child.
    In the same vein, the Chairman Board of Governors, Prince Bimbo Olashore stressed the school’s commitment to achieving academic excellence and providing world class education, life skills in leadership, art, sport and global exposure whilst preserving Nigerian cultural values.
    He emphasized that the scholarships are rewards given for outstanding performances. He opined that every year seven (7) student who did very well in the recently concluded entrance examinations stands the chance to participate in the scholarship examination and the best performing students will receive the award.
    Established in 1994, on 60 acres of land, Olashore International School is a co-educational school which offers high quality education in a wide range of subjects at Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary along with a University Foundation Programme in partnership with Lancaster University and the Institute of Education, Dublin.
    Over the past 20 years, the school has succeeded in developing a cluster of world class services around the school including a first class hotel, a golf course and a leadership training centre that all combine to give the school a unique identity.
    The school is particularly appealing to discerning Nigerians at home and abroad, as well as expatriates residing in Nigeria, who desire a school with a strong value system, demonstrable track record and a clear sense of purpose.