Parents call for boycott of MTN services
A group under the aegis of Concerned Parents of Eswatini in Swaziland has called for the boycotting of MTN services due to the telecom’s firm association with Rock of Hope foundation and the controversial bushfire event.
In a statement, the group accused MTN of being the main sponsor of Bushfire 2018 Festival being organized by the Rock of Hope foundation, a highly controversial organization that registered with government by false pretences claiming to be a health entity yet its sole intention is to promote homosexual agenda.
The concerned parents argued that with MTN support of the agenda, it is plunging the whole country and its leaders into controversy by endorsing the controversial concepts of sexual orientation (preference) and gender identity.
“Therefore you and Rock of Hope are amongst those who are sowing endless seeds of confusion amongst the populace of Eswatini, especially our children who are our future.
“You are promoting controversy whilst ignoring the real needs of the country which is food/nutrition, water, shelter, employment, security, quality education, rural electrification, good roads and most importantly the protection of children and the family,’ the statement said.
The concerned parents said MTN should be supporting group that educate the public on violence against women and children and how it can be combatted instead of promoting things that will be of no concrete assistance to anybody at the end of the day.
“How can Emaswati take their children to the daytime activities when controversial concepts will be promoted? How can we take our children to a place where sexual freedom will be promoted yet the country is already facing huge challenges due to HIV and AIDS which is the result of sexual freedom?
“This is horrifying to say the least! MTN Swaziland you were never popular amongst Emaswati but somewhat regained your reputation due to your excellent Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Do you really want to spoil this by promoting concepts and lifestyles that do not even enjoy universal consensus around the world?
The group therefore called upon the telecom firm to immediately retract its statement published in the Swazi Observer Page 12 dated 8 May, 2018 and also to further assure Emaswati that it will not promote anything that is contrary to Swaziland norms, values and religious beliefs as it promised over 20 years ago when it commenced operation in the country.