PDP accuses Buhari of plots to shift 2019 elections

 The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of scheming to shift the February 16 presidential election.
The party was responding to an op-ed personally written by the President where he justified his administration’s anti-corruption war and raised the alarm that corrupt politicians could use their loot to undermine Saturday’s elections.
Writing on the title, “Corruption threatens Nigeria – and its election,” Buhari stated, “The battle against graft must be the base on which we secure the country, build our economy, provide decent infrastructure and educate the next generation.
“This is the challenge of our generation: the variable on which our success as a nation shall be determined. But the vested interests at play can make this fight difficult. By way of their looting, the corrupt have powerful resources at their disposal. And they will use them. For when you fight corruption, you can be sure it will fight back.
“It even threatens to undermine the February 16 poll and – by extension – our democracy. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has raised concerns over laundered money being funnelled into vote-buying.”
But the PDP has alleged that President Buhari is looking for excuses to enable him to postpone the elections.
It said there were many indices to show that the President was panicking that he would lose the election.
The National Chairman of the PDP, Prince Uche Secondus, while reacting to the President’s essay, said Nigerians “are now tired of the same uncoordinated songs coming from their President for almost four years.”
He said by now, the President and his team must have allegedly seen the handwriting on the wall that “their days are over.”
Secondus said, “The President and the APC are aware that their days in government are numbered. They know that they can no longer deceive the people. Enough of lies and propaganda! They are looking for excuses for their impending defeat and also postpone the elections.
“This is the reason why the President that did not have time to visit the people is now talking about corruption. Is there any government that has ever been as corrupt as the Buhari Presidency?
“This is a government of deceit. They have found out that there are no more lies to tell Nigerians that could make them fall to these set of liars anymore. We will get Nigerian working again.”