PDP accuses Fayemi of frustrating Atiku’s presidential campaign in Ekiti


Ahead of 2019 general elections, Peoples Democratic Party, in Ekiti, alleged that the state governor, Kayode Fayemi is frustrating the party over his refusal to approve a venue for its presidential campaign rally in the state.

It was reported that Atiku ‘s campaign train is expected to storm Ekiti on Monday, January 14 to canvass for votes ahead of the February 16 election.

The PDP state chairman, Gboyega Oguntuase, said it was wrong for Fayemi to have refused the party the use of Oluyemi Kayode stadium as a venue for the campaign.

Oguntuase said: “This is a disrespect to PDP and the person of Alhaji Atiku. If the government fails to accede to our request, we will have no option than to use any major road in the state capital as campaign ground.

“Atiku cannot be stopped by any political juvenile. If you look at the violent inclination of the party in Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Lagos and others, you will see that tAPC has no respect for human lives.”

The government had in its reply dated January 8, 2019 and signed by director, administration and Supplies, Ekiti state Sports Council, on behalf of the General Manager, Mr. P. A Akinola held that the stadium was ”under reconstruction and that it has to be prevented from vehicular movement at this time.”

Fayemi described the allegation as misdirected and spurious, saying the civil servants only replied to the letter based on the prevailing situation and that he never influenced their opinions in the matter as a governor who believes in due process in the civil service.

Fayemi, through his senior special assistant on public communications, Segun Dipe said: “When we came on board, virtually all the facilities are in a state of disrepair. The Ikogosi warm spring, the Fountain hotel and this stadium are some of them.

“As a responsible government, we must take steps to put them back to normal shape and Fayemi won’t infringe on the right of anyone as a democrat.

”Even, the PDP didn’t request for the facility through the governor and it was wrong for them to have blamed him in the first instance.

“I have been directed to refer to your letter received in January 2 requesting the use of Oluyemi Kayode Stadium for your presidential campaign.

“However, there was need to let you know that the stadium is under repair in preparation for the next football season and wetting. The tracks need to be prevented from vehicular movement and for this reason, we decline the use of this facility.”