Pinnick VS Giwa leadership tussle: Hatred, envy and bitterness have eaten deep into us

By Wale Ajayi

The problems Pinnick is facing today has gone beyond what we think or imagine. The truth is, most of our present football administrators have conspired to ridicule his achievements.

Daily, they ask themselves who is this small boy gaaan, when did he come to football that he has risen so fast.

We, that have been there forever never made it to CAF, whereas this small boy has risen to fast,  to become VP of Africa’s football governing body

The ordinary Nigerian is created  wicked, our hearts are full of evil, our thoughts are cruel and daily we wake up, wishing the other man bad.

Have you noticed how you feel when your best friend call to tell you he is relocating abroad?  Something inside you will suddenly become angry. You will take a pause before saying congratulation.

It may not be your style but the society we find ourselves naturally makes us think evil and dream evil. Celebrating people is alien to us. Even when we pretend to be happy, behind the smile lives  hatred and bitterness.

Those fighting Pinnick today are not doing so because of the Super Eagles performance in Russia, they are doing it, because of his recent rise in football.

Unfortunately, just when they conspire to drag him down, God has a way of lifting him up.

I am  Maigari man and I have said it here several times that Aminu is my father any day. The love I have for Aminu cannot be quantified. Aminu keeps promises, Aminu listens and Aminu is a father.

I have said it that even if I must join the enemy to fight Pinnick, GIWA is never AN OPTION.

Pinnick might not be your best man, but he is certainly not the worst. We live in a society where brothers hate brothers, where parents are envious of their kids and where wives conspire to kill their husbands.

Our hearts are so dirty that we sometime lose our heads to the devil.

If only Amaju can be a little humble

If only Amaju can come down from his high horses.

If only he can learn to fulfil promises and stand by his words

If only he can be modest.

He has offended many. He has stepped on big toes but like all of us, he is human and judgement is of God.

Everyone fighting Amaju today is not doing it because they have the interest of our football at heart. They are not doing it because they have a game plan to effect change, they are all fighting for their pockets, their families and themselves.

Unfortunately the MEDIA ( myself inclusive) are the biggest problem of Nigeria. We have all sold our conscience, we have ganged up against each other, we are no longer  gatekeepers, rather we are the tools used by many to destroy a system we all struggled to build.

Today, i am appealing to all of us to thrive and succeed outside these people so that we can look at them someday in the face, dare them and tell them the truth.

In the last ten years or so, our country has suffered under bad leadership especially in sports. Our sports ministers have allowed themselves to he used just to pursue some selfish ambitions.

To all those hell bent on actualising the Chris Giwa agenda, I have a bad news for you. The timing is wrong, the strategy is wrong and the planning is also wrong.

I feel for Ambassador Chris Giwa because I feel he was badly treated and deserves some compensation. He is human, he is a Nigerian, he is a true stakeholder, having invested so much in football but we cannot continue to belabour same issue.

The election of August 26 was faulty just like that of September 30 but instead of them to concentrate on fighting for justice, they have wasted their time running after irrelevances.

Can’t Giwa and all the aggrieved unite and face Amaju at the polls? Why are we going round a circle and wasting energy on uncertainty?

I wish those who truly loved Chris Giwa can sit him down to tell him the gospel truth.

Pinnick has grown beyond a mere mortal in World football, he has attained a height everyman dreams of achieving At 47, he is NFF president, CAF Vice president and a member of the FIFA council.

His rise is of God. When God is behind a man only God can bring him down. Man can only dream but cannot win.

The weapon of his  warfare are not canal. This struggle demands wisdom and maturity. Unfortunately, what I have seen so far is too childish to say the least.

Those who are desperate to remain in office are as selfish as those who want to take their place but in all of these, wisdom is key. The media needs to be wise too, else you are used and dumped like filthy rags.