PMB’s anti-graft policy, positive  NASS should rescind resolution – BYO

    • don’t intimidate law enforcement 
    By Lanre Adesanya 
    The Buhari Youth Organisation, Lagos state chapter, has described the recent threat of the National Assembly to invoke its constitutional powers against the president as an attempt to douse the intensity of anti corruption policy of the government.
    Speaking from the premise of what could be the attendant effect of the apex legislative body’s stance to the nation’s polity, the BYO counsels that they should allow the law take its course without creating needless bottle necks.
    Comrade Abdul Waheed Odunnuga the Lagos Coordinator of BYO aided by the organisation’s secretary Comrade Adekunle Aderibigbe maintain this stance on the imbroglio between the executive and legislature,stating that it was a clear assault on what is fair and just.
    According them, regarding the recent case of killings in Offa Kwara state, where over 33 souls were gruesomely murdered at the scene of an armed robbery incident must not treated with kid gloves .
    “We are calling on all Nigerians to join the Offa residence in the calls to ensure the Nigeria Police and other law enforcement agencies are not politically influenced by the lawmaking arm of the government.
    “We urge the National Assembly to rescind the joint resolutions that was issued as threats to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, after achieving the remarkable efforts of arresting the criminals who were all captured in the CCTV clips.
    “As a nation, we have had several criminal and murderous attacks from Boko Haram in the north-east, Militants in the south, Cultists and Kidnappers all over the country, Killer herdsmen in the middle-belt.
    BYO express what it regards a rude shock, as the blow by blow visual account of what transpired at the robbery scene went viral, a reminiscence of an Hollywood movie.
    ” Most Nigerians had lost hope in the National security but here we are today in less than 2 months, our Supercop caught the devil-inclined minds alive with a commendable intelligence.
    “The same leadership that was on top of his game combing various areas to fish out the criminals is now placed at the slaughter slab at the Red chambers because the criminals indicted the Senate President Bukola Saraki and the Kwara state Governor, Abdul Fatah Ahmed, who allegedly empowered the bandits with destructive weapons and other resources for political purposes.
    “The selected executives of National Assembly under the leadership of Senator Saraki has issued a 12-point ultimatum threatening the President to call the Police Chief to order, so as to  deductively frustrated the attempt to unravel the Senate President’s level involvement via investigations.
    BYO maintained  that, “It will only promote impunity if this case is not treated with the deserve urgency.
    “Most of the killings and criminality acts in the country were embryo products of political masterminding where idle, lazy youths are empowered with resources for massive destruction of processes and procedures in order to pave way for politicians.
    Urging that for this act to stop, Nigerians must stand by our security operatives stop the procurement, facilitating, harbouring and sharing of illegal arms and ammunition that will end up being used to kill Nigerians.