Released UNILAG student vows to fight on

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    One of the UNILAG students who regained freedom today after spending time at the Kirikiri Prisons, Femi Adeyeye, has vowed to fight on.
    Adeyeye, a rusticated student of Building, maintained that the school’s unions had long been quiet. He vowed that he would continue to fight the school management’s injustice to the students.
    Adeyeye also said that their prison experience has spurred them to raise an army of like-minded people who would change things in Nigeria as a whole.
    “The way forward after our release is more resistance, more organization and more protest.
    “It’s only in Unilag you hear protest is illegal, where you get rusticated for engaging in a protest.
    “We also want to make the University of Lagos management and the education sector understand that the student movement has woken up. We’ve slept for a very long time.
    “I want people to understand that our experience in prison is making us raise an army of people who are ready to change things in Nigeria,” he said.
    Adeyeye lamented the injustice meted out by the Nigerian judicial system. He said he met many innocent citizens who were wrongly imprisoned.
    “It’s an altogether experience of what’s really going on in our country. The prison is another republic and it shows the level of oppression going on in our system.
    “My stay in prison gave me a myriad of opportunities to meet people who are really innocent.
    One of the defense attorneys, Ayo Ademiluyi, who also spoke to reporters , said the school management was wrong to have allowed the arrest go on despite TVC coming out to debunk the allegations. He encouraged lawyers in the country to join the fight to ensure the students are reinstated.
    Adeyeye and 12 others had been arrested and detained at the Kirikiri Prisons while protesting the expulsion of their colleagues. One of the expelled students was visually-impaired.