Reps member slams Okorocha on abandoned refuse

    By Emeka Nwulu, Owerri
    Member representing Owerri North, Owerri Municipal and Owerri West in the House of Representatives, Chief Ezenwa Onyewuchi, has described the abandoned heaps of refuse along Douglas Road, Owerri as despicable and hazardous.
    He said refusal by the state government to clear the road of the refuse was a wicked act, which according to him, is unfair to the people.
    Onyewuchi who visited the venue of the dumps blamed the state government for allowing such thing to remain so long for evacuation.
    He said it is not right for the people to live with such kind of situation.
    Describing it is an aberration for the almighty Douglas road to witness dirty environment in this present administration.
    “This is a death sentence and an assault to the people of Owerri. And all market people of the largest Ekeukwu Owerri in the state,” he said.
    The Chairman House committee on Labour and Productivity stated that it is government function to clean environment for the inhabitants especially capital city which serves as the heart bit of the state and keep the city clean for free flow of business of life and good health.
    He reemphasized that his concern to evacuate it not for political reasons but to save his people from dying in sickness.
    The place was full of dangerous epidemic dumps and hazards because the state government had refused to remove it from the road, as it was seen to be causing regular traffic-jam to the people.
    ‘’we have resort to work to provide an enabling environment to our people and to condemn evil and inhuman situation that will terribly endanger the auspicious life of our people’’ he stated.
    He promised to approach Ministry of Health and Rural development in the state to know why the refuse has been delayed before evacuation which never occur since the history of the state.
    This is a strategy by the state government to suffer and suffocate the people but I will not keep quite to this state of tyranny for the people that gave me their mandate to perish.
    I was informed that the Gov. wants the Ekeukwu Owerri out of the present site to a place of his choice but it will not by any means resort to punish them especially, my constituency.
    It is not possible to impose powers to the people. My evacuating this today is on intervention stage for the welfare of the people and sound health.
    While Hon. Demian Opara the PDP state Publicity Secretary described it as unfortunate situation and act of wickedness to the of the state.
    He said many people have complained of severe sickness led to the unhealthy environment caused by the inhuman attitude of the Gov.
    These have gone a long way causing infections and all hospitals in Owerri are filled up because people keep been sick everyday by day. There are flies all over the street of Owerri.
    Instantly, the heavy dump were evacuated as many pay loaders and trucks to carry the refuse assembled venue for action while the House Member stood for hours with newsmen and supporters to watch it happening.

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