RRS offers emergency service to accident victims

    The Rapid Response Squad (RSS) of the Lagos State Police Command, on Monday, expanded their routine security surveillance duty to rescue operation for accident victims. The RSS deployed one of the First Aid boxes supplied by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to the unit to assist accident victims during emergencies.

    The patrol team, on the Third Mainland Bridge towards the Island, noticed a traffic caused by a burning Ford 4Wheel Drive with built–up traffic behind it.

    The team leaving its vehicle to join in putting out the fire, heard a loud noise from some of the vehicles in the traffic.

    A Volkswagen LT Lagos colour commercial bus, with the registration number BOG 340 XR, had a break failure; rammed a Sequoia Toyota (MUS 953 BZ) after brushing a Honda Accord (RSH 163 CL).

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    Over four passengers in the Volkswagen bus sustained injuries which necessitated the deployment of First Aid treatment by the Rapid Response Officers before the arrival of medical personnel.

    The State Government had sometime in April 2017 started training and retaining of RRS officers on application of first aid treatment in emergencies, CPR, Controlling bleeding and fracture management.

    About 150 branded First Aid Boxes were handed over to RRS by Lagos State Government in June 2017 for distribution to RRS patrol vehicles.