Shehu’s wife debunks assault story



By Esther Egbe

Mrs. Sumayya Abdullahi, the wife of Super Eagles defender,has debunked the rumour that has been trending on social media that her husband assaulted her,National Daily learnt.

“I will like the general public to know that my husband has been nothing but a good, loving and caring husband, he has never raised his voice at me let alone raise his hand to assault me.
“The pictures posted where I had a black eye was from an accident I had and not as a result of battering from my husband. I love my husband very well and we are happily married. We take this false story as a test of faith from Allah because no blessing will come to you without a test,” Mrs Sumayya Abdullahi added.

The Super Eagles defender, Shehu Abdullahi, was last week alleged to have battered his wife, Sumayya Mustapha, over suspicion of infidelity after a strange phone call linked with cheating.
The incident was reported to happen on Saturday night, at the couple’s residence in Sokoto. It was gathered that Sumayya was on the phone with a friend and suddenly ended the call when Shehu came into her room.

It was alleged that, when the phone rang again, she refused to pick the call as her husband was always eavesdropping on her phone calls with friends and family members alike. She was reported to have claimed that, at times, Shehu would hide to record her conversations.

She was also quoted to have revealed that her Super Eagle husband was fond of accessing her phone while she is asleep to suspiciously read her chats and text messages, and regularly screen shots her chats. She was said to have been fed up of the whole situation and refused to pick her call in his presence, despite his insistence.

Shehu was reported to have been angered by her refusal and allegedly pounced on her leaving her with a black eye. But the woman claimed to have beaten black and blue has denied the incident and called it the work of detractors who are jealous of their loving marriage.

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