The Vintage 2.0 Host: How comedy brought me before VP Osinbajo  – GMG 

Peter Ogbudu goes by the stage name Ghana Must Go. The unique name became permanent after he wowed his audience many years ago in a costume made from the typical Ghana Must Go bags. It was unthinkably funny, and that creative humour has remained a trade mark for this Warri born (Abuja based) comedian. His show, The Vintage With Ghana Must Go, is in its second edition. And will take place at Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model school field, Abuja, 5pm on the 3rd December. In this interview, he shares with Ediale Kingsley his journey, challenge and story. Enjoy excerpt.
GMG you have been in the industry for some time now. How has it been? Tell us about your journey so far.
Yes, I have been acting in the industry for over a decade and half now. It’s not been easy but I have been consistent. God is faithful.
The Vintage 2.0, your upcoming event, why the name and the us why we should come for the show?
Vintage has a lot of definition but mine has to do with something classy, high quality and lasting value. That’s what The Vintage with Ghana Must Go depicts. It’s an event for everyone. No age barrier, clean and entertaining with carefully selected A list artistes.
Why did you choose comedy as a career?
For me comedy is life and every man is born to live. I feel fulfilled being appreciated for what I do. And to make am sweet dem go come give u money on top still dey thank you. My brother e too make sense. (He Laughs).
Comedians are every where nowadays. But it appears the center of business and showbiz is Lagos. How is business for you as an Abuja based Comedian?
It’s good and fun seeing a lot of comedian. It shows the industry is fruitful. Comedy is recognised and appreciated all over the world, it’s almost impossible to organise an event without a comedian, so for me your base (your location) does not really matter. What’s important is your relevance and worth. There are comedians who don’t stay in Lagos and still do well. So I will say comedy and comedians in Abuja are good.
Will you be relocating to Lagos anytime soon or Abuja is it?
Lagos is the entertainment hub but trust me, Abuja for life!
Tell us your funniest, weirdest and saddest moment in the business?
Every moment for me is fun, weird and sad because let’s be honest even the best comedian in the world at every of his performance to some they had fun, for others it was weird and another person no just enjoy the jokes so for me I don talk I don make the people wen enjoy am many pass.
Who are your mentors in the industry?
What will you say are the basic challenges for Comedians in the industry?
Not too many recognised platform because my brother guys wen good many. And then no easy access to media support.
What should we expect from you at the Vintage 3.0?
(He laughs loud) I would say let’s take it one at a time. Make I finish the 2nd edition first but one thing I can assure my friends and fans is that we will try to always step up the game. Forward ever.
So we are having the show. What else do we expect from your stables?
Waoooooo great The Vintage with Ghana Must Go will be doing Put one in school/ mentoring program next year and God willing take The Vintage with Ghana Must Go abroad. Na God get power.
You are a proper warri boy. Is that what prepared you for the comedy world?
Ehmmm. E follow sha, you know for us it’s a life style, a natural, and special gift from God and since it’s now a necessity to live with we can now say it’s opportunity meeting with preparation. We thank God.
You were with the Vice President sometimes ago.  Comedy has surely taken you far and wide. Tell us about that.
My brother the Bible was definitely right when it says your gift will bring you before Kings and queens. If no be comedy wetin I won tell DSS say me and VP won discuss lol… Well it’s always a wonderful opportunity being around great men. I thank God for every opportunity to utilize the gift He has giving me.
At first I knew you, back in the days, as an actor. Today you are MC and comedian. Any chance of going back to your first love anytime soon?
Yes I still would love to act if called upon. And don’t forget that comedy is also make believe it’s acting too. So I’m still in line. Yes, if u get any script now call me I go run am for free. (Laughs).
How do you get inspired. and how do you get materials for your jokes?
Life situations inspires me a lot. Nigeria as a country na inspiration I mean everything about Nigeria oh. I get my materials mainly from the street and lie lie story. But let me also add that comedy is not as easy as people think ooh. Ehmm make God help us. To get one good joke with punch line no easy oooh. Ask Comedians make dem tell you the truth.
Okay, its been a delight talking to you. Any last words to your fans?
Follow your dream, if it’s your dream it’s your reality follow it until you see it materialise. Never say never. Making jokes is my business I don’t joke with my business. Thanks please keep supporting me and my brand. Na Una fit make me realize my dream I beg Una with God. Love you guys plenty and thanks to you for this interview wen I blow I go remember you.

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