Tsav urges FG to act fast on hate song against Igbos

  • Warns against another civil war in Nigeria


An elder statesman and retired Commissioner of Police, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has admonished the Federal Government and Northern elders against allowing northern youths to plunge Nigeria into another civil war. Tsav emphasized the need for the federal government to act without further delay in taking measures to terminate the hate song against the Ibo and the Kaduna Declaration by a coalition of northern youths, ordering the Igbos to vacate northern Nigeria by October 1, 2017.

Abubakar Tsav in a statement on Friday declared: “I want to appeal to the Federal Government of Nigeria and Northern Elders to do something urgently about the hate song coined and composed against our brothers and sisters from the Eastern part of Nigeria.”

He maintained:  “This song is provocative, and inflammatory and capable of setting this country aflame.”

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Tsav admonished that any outbreak of war in Nigeria will do the country no good and may be difficult to survive, noting that no ethnic segment in modern Nigeria can be taken to be weak in terms of acquisition of arms and ammunition, and such, no group should be taken for granted.

The elder statesman also contended that “No ethnic group in the country is more Nigerian than the other;” declaring that, “Ibos are Nigerians and they have the right to live anywhere Nigeria. Our security agents should do something immediately to avert any possible break down of law and order.”

Tsav was of the view that the girls singing the song are grossly irresponsible and do not even seem to believe in God and the unity of this country. “They may be agents of discord with poor family upbringing,” he said.

He further advocated that Government should also do something to vacate the quit notice given to Ibos by some northern Youths. Tsav remarked, “We are all brothers and sisters of the same yoke and citizens of the same country.”

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