U.S Consulate spearheads human rights campaign

    • Sponsors ‘Know your rights app’
    By Chioma Obinagwam
    As part of efforts towards awareness and protection of human rights, the United States Consulate in Nigeria has unveiled the expanded version of the ‘Know your rights’ app. in Lagos.
    The app. which is accessible in English, Pidgin, Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba on android phones and launched on Tuesday simplifies human rights law, explains the safeguards available, and gives the user access to more than 50 human rights lawyers who provided advice free of charge.
    U.S. Consul General, F. John Bray disclosed that the app. was made possible by its grant to its founder, Adeoloa Oyinlade.
    “It was my pleasure to provide Mr. Oyinlade with a second small Public Affairs grant in 2017 so that he could continue his work in bringing his ‘know your rights’ app to a wider Nigerian audience. As some of you may know, in 2016 Mr. Oyinlade launched his first ‘know your rights’ app.,” he said.
    Mr. Bray recalled that the Acting   Assistant   Secretary   of   State   for   African   Affairs,   Ambassador   Yamamoto explained that the United States has an ongoing commitment to Africa. As one of the most important countries on the continent, given its large population, thriving commercial   enterprises,   and   strategic   geopolitical   location,   Nigeria   is   critical   to   Africa’s prosperity and stability.
    “Furthering  our   strong  bilateral  relationship  with   Nigeria,  and  building   on   Nigeria’s  historic, peaceful transfer of power we continue to press for progress to strengthen Nigeria’s democratic institutions. We   seek   to   advance   these   goals   by   developing   relationships   with   the   government,   faith communities, and like you – civil society organizations,” he said.
    “On Friday,  April 20 many  of you may   know that the Department of State   released  its  42nd country reports on human rights practices,” he added.
    As Acting Secretary of State,  Yamamoto explained, “these reports are a natural outgrowth of our values as Americans. Promoting human rights and the idea that every person has inherent dignity is a core element of this administration’s foreign policy.
    The Consulate’s support of Mr. Oyinlade’ s app is an example of what the U.S. government is doing to support the protection of human rights.”
     As in the past, he noted, the purpose of the app. is to simplify and raise awareness among all Nigerians of their human rights.
    Commending the feat achieved by Mr. Oyinlade, Bray said:
    “I particularly appreciate that not only are people educated about their rights but they have access to free legal advice as well.”
    Drawing inference from Ms. Nauert, he said: ” I   emphasize   what   Ms.   Nauert,   the   Department   spokesperson   said:  ‘The   United   States government will continue to support those around the world struggling for human dignity and liberty.”