“We are perfect workaholics”, JJC Skills talks about Funke Akindele

Nollywood Actress, Funke Akindele, took the world by surprise when the news of her marriage broke.
She had been married to singer/video director for months in a secret ceremony in the UK. Of course, it was no surprise that her millions of fans wanted to know how it happened.
No one had seen the wedding to JJC Skillz happening and everyone wanted deets on how they met!
However, it seems our days of wondering are over as the actress’ husband has revealed everything we need to know.
Talking to PUNCH, the singer said:
‘She (Funke) had an idea called Jenifa’s Diary that she wanted to do, and she was looking for a good director and cameraman, so she called me to help her shoot the TV series, and that was how we met.’
He added: ‘…It was an instant connection. In fact, it was love at first sight. I saw her, she saw me, and we saw stars. From that point on, everything was aligned.’
And unlike most celebs who insist dating in the same industry is recipe for disaster, JJC said that:
‘The truth is I work really hard all the time, and a lot of the people I dated in the past used to complain that I did not devote time to them. But now, I have found my better-half who works as hard as I do, so it is a perfect combination, and the world is in trouble because we are the perfect team. As I am playing music, she is making me laugh. We have the perfect synergy, and what we are working on right now will blow people’s minds away. And I want to advise people in the entertainment industry to go and look for their better-half within the same industry, because it will give you more focus and direction.’
JJC Skillz and his wife are currently working on a project together. Details of which is unknown as of now.

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