Wema Bank announces support for ‘Isale Eko’


    Wema Bank has reinforced its support for the development of arts in Nigeria with its sponsorship of the popular play ‘Isale Eko’, which is expected next month.

    Isale Eko is one of the notable plays in Nigeria, which is bringing back the theatre culture dating back as far as 1945 when Nigerian playwright Late Hubert Ogunde established a professional touring company.

    Recall that it was in this same year that Ogunde’s troupe started exciting Nigerians across theatres nationwide that Wema Bank was established.

    According to a statement from the bank, its support for the arts is beyond the history shared with theatre, but in keeping with its desire to always support creativity and innovation in all forms.

    The Bank has often reiterated its commitment to supporting talents often overlooked by the general public.

    “We are thrilled to support the creativity and talent of the producers and cast of Isale Eko. They have in the past excited the theatre going crowd by their professional performances and great delivery on stage. We have no doubt that the play coming up in June will live up to its promise,” says Funmilayo Falola, head of Brand and Marketing Communications at Wema Bank.

    “The Nigerian creative industry continues to excite, especially theatre, which is growing at an incredible pace since making its comeback into the creative limelight. We will continue to do our part to support the growth of this strategic industry, which whilst entertaining also creates a lot of jobs,” Falola adds.

    The upcoming play is expected to bring an exciting twist that would see its main character go into a trance in 14th century Lagos and emerge in 2018 Lagos, touring very strategic socio-economic points with a view of highlighting the opportunities which make Lagos the commercial and economic hub that it is today.

    Wema Bank, established in 1945 has provided banking services to people across Nigeria, and has constantly reinvented itself in keeping with one of its core values, innovation.

    In 2017, the Bank founded ALAT a digital bank that has redefined banking in Nigeria. The impact ALAT is making in Nigeria’s banking industry has seen it win 8 awards, both locally and internationally.