Weststar produces first Nigerian globally certified trainer


A Nigerian technician with Weststar Associates Limited, Mr. Abdul Ligali, has emerged as the first Nigerian to be certified as a Mercedes-Benz global trainer by Daimler AG.

Ligali was presented with a certificate of excellence in global training from Daimler AG Global Training Center in Stuttgart, Germany recently after a comprehensive training session.

Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity, Mr Ligali said the training is a step in the right direction, as it will reduce dependency on only foreign trainers. “In the future, we hope to expand our training center for the brands we represent that will be open to the public and not just our staff, dealerships or customers. “

“Currently, I am the global trainer for non-technical aspects such as service and processing. We hope to develop more global trainers in both technical and non-technical areas. This will provide multiple job opportunities for Nigerians and also contribute positively to the educational sector by encouraging the youths to take up various technical careers, “he added.

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Speaking on the development, Managing Director of Weststar, Mirko Plath disclosed that the training and certification is in preparations for the expansion of a certified global training Centre for the leading brands Weststar represents in Nigeria.

In 2014, Weststar officially set-up an in-house training department which up to date, has over 300 participants trained in various aspects of the business. The in-house training involves inviting a global trainer usually assigned by the manufacturers, to deliver a customized training program to the team which in most cases, consists of employees, dealers, and customers as a form of support. This is an addition to the regular e-trainings held locally.

The training for the global certification lasts for two years in which, there was a 3-session qualification program, two-session supervision trainings by assigned mentors and the final certification audit where the participant is drilled rigorously as a test towards the acquisition of a certificate of excellence. As the new and only Daimler certified global trainer in Nigeria, all trainings he organizes will automatically be approved by Daimler.

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