What Saraki,Magu relationship was before Buhari came in

Sen. President Bukola Saraki has denied that ex-governors in the Senate are the ones frustrating the confirmation of EFCC’s Ibrahim Magu because of their personal interests .
According to him, Magu’s rejection was prompted by report from the Department of State Services, among other issues, and the screening was aired “live’’ on national television for all Nigerians to watch.
“The rejection of candidates presented to the National Assembly is a process. It is a process that is not restricted to the EFCC chairman,” Saraki said during a NAN’s forum in Abuja.
“We should stop talking about personalities. We should be focusing on how to strengthen our democracy.
He said when some people have particular interest, they will try and bring this down to individuals.
“There is nothing personal on the personality of the acting Chairman of EFCC,” he said.
Relating his encounter with Magu in the last administration when the APC was fighting certain issues, Saraki said he witnessed how the EFCC boss stood for what was right.
“I remember I was sent to Magu’s office. They were trying to get him to investigate something of 10 years, 12 years ago. I remember Magu said ‘nobody was going to use him’,’’ Saraki said.
For the former governors facing corruption charges who are now senators, their cases are already in court, and Magu, no matter how much he wants to fight corruption, can’t go ahead and withdraw the cases.
He wondered why Nigerians say the National Assembly doesn’t want to fight corruption, adding that fighting corruption doesn’t start and end with an individual.
 “We have played our role. We will leave posterity to judge us.”

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