Wife divorces husband because he couldn’t afford underwear


    A distraught housewife has prayed the court to dissolve her marriage claiming that her husband has not been taking care of her and couldn’t buy her underwear.

    Amina Sulaiman, on Thursday told an Ilorin Area Court that her husband, Ibrahim Babaoja, could not afford the cost of her underwear.

    Amina, who has been married to her husband for seven years marriage, said she had been the one saddled with the responsibilities of taken care of the family needs which has reached unbearable situation.

    National Daily gathered that the marriage which is blessed with two children, has gotten to a point that they could hardly feed at home.

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    Amina explained, “He will not pay the children’s school fees; he cannot even afford to give me money for my underwear. We are always quarrelling There is always chaos in the house and I can no longer bear it or tolerate his attitude and lack of care.

    “I pray the court to put an end to this marriage,” she begged the court.

    Unfortunately, the husband, Babaoja, was not in court to defend the allegations brought against him by his wife.

    The presiding judge, Mr Abdul Quadri, said that the respondent had earlier sent a letter of consent to divorce.

    Therefore, Quadri dissolved the marriage on the ground that both parties had agreed to it.