World’s International Widows day: Council boss counsels widows on status upgrade

    By Lanre Adesanya

    Considering the deplorable situation widows world over are exposed to the Sole Administrator of Ifako Ijaiye Local Government Area,Mr. Babatunde Rahj-Label has charge well meaning individuals to come to their aid,while urging widows to strife to be less dependent and acquire skills and training that will boost their social status.

    The council boss fondly called B.I.Q in an address as Special Guest of honour at the programme organized by Widows Care and Charity Organization,to commemorate the World International Widows day 2017, noted that it is of utmost importance to take care of the hapless widows in the society considering the enormity of the lack they put up with daily.

    “Over 245 million widows spread all over the world and half of the stated population are poor,they need a lot of care and support a programme like this is meant to afford them succour,like I told them it is quite important for them to strife to be independent,when they have little support here and there they should put them together and be able to stand on their own.

    “For support particularly in this part of the world don’t come frequently,so the little one that they have,they should try to make use of it judiciously till the next one comes.

    “I urge everyone and the government to help them with support programmes that can make them self reliant and to take care of some of the responsibilities bothering them,we at the council level will make sure our support to the widows is continuous and we shall continue to view their plights and assist them to ensure they are independent via various empowerment programmes for widows.

    He charge the widows to,“embrace empowerment whenever the opportunity comes,like trainings to equip you, many jettison such skills after the training and spend the largesse that come with it,while they remain permanent dependent on people,that is  not the best for you acquire skills to be free and aid the course of your children.”The Council boss said.

    The representative of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation also made a promise to include more the Widows in the subsequent empowerment scheme,noting that ‘Widowhood’ is not the end but the beginning of a new phase of live stressing that everyone of them should key into the programmes afforded by WAPA.

    Aunty Joy representative of the Chamagne foundation a charitable organization in the area, also urge WAPA to earmark from time to time support packages for widow through various empowerment schemes,”they are exposed to physical and emotional trauma  daily let’s support them”.

    Pastor Toyin Ayelemi who also graced the event expressed his disdain for the neglect of widows in Nigeria,citing cultural complexity that put them in abject subjugation,with various degree of wicked and inhuman treatment meted out to them,by the relatives of their late husband.

    The cleric charge government and well meaning Nigerians to act positively and do the needful to salvage the widows situation,offering respite to them as espoused in Exodus 22:22-24.

    The convener of the group, Mr. Olayinka Oni,noted that the voluntary organization had over the years being responsible for the payment widows children school fees,free medicals,invest in basic literacy for the widows well over one hundred.

    According to Oni,the challenges of the organization is basically funding as most of the efforts of the group has been financed from their contributions.

    “In years to come we will like to have a food bank where anyone in need can get supply from, we would also like to have a health facility where we can refer the widows and their wards to for prompt medical attention, sponsorship of some of our wards who have completed secondary school through the University is also an area we considering seriously.”Oni reiterated.