Edo 2020: Oshiomhole suffers disgrace in Esan Land, banned from Enogie’s palace

The ousted national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, on Monday encountered seeming disgrace in Esan Land, Edo State, during the governorship election campaign for the APC candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu in Uromi. The embattled former Governor of Edo State, perhaps, being conscious of the public opprobrium awaiting him in the state because of his legacy, changed his campaign strategy from dancing at campaign venues to kneeling to beg for forgiveness. Oshiomhole within his reasoning imposed the burden of sin upon himself for which he has continually been kneeling and begging for forgiveness, most times attempting to beguile Edo leaders and stakeholder into believing that incumbent Governor Godwin Obaseki is the problem of the state.

Meanwhile, Oshiomhole appeared to have led the APC candidate, Ize-Iyamu, into a hypothetical electioneering misfortune at the palace of the Enogie of Igueben on Monday. National Daily learnt that other traditional rulers were invited by the Enogie of Igueben where the APC leaders coordinating Ize-Iyamu’s governorship campaign were hosted.

A PDP stakeholder in Edo State, Andrew Emwata, on AIT morning programme on Tuesday monitored by National Daily from Lagos, said that most traditional rulers did not receive Oshiomhole with open hands. He said that at the opening session of the meeting with traditional rulers, journalists who accompanied the APC campaign team were ordered to go out. According to Emwata, it was at the time that journalists were sent out that Oshiomhole knelt before the traditional rulers begging for forgiveness. Unfortunately, that section of the meeting was recorded by a participant at the meeting, and the video later leaked where Oshiomhole knelt before the traditional rulers.

Emwata recalled that Oshiomhole dethroned the Enogie of Uromi when he was Governor of Edo State. He added that the former Edo governor transferred his aggression of having political dispute with Chief Tony Anenih to dethrone the Enogie of Uromi, noting that he has at last come back to the royal father on his knees. Barrister Emwata said that Governor Obaseki of Edo State later intervened and reinstated the Enogie of Uromi. Emwata alleged that Oshiomhole was later walked out of the meeting with the traditional rulers.

This was, however, refuted by a chieftain of the APC, Dan Osa-Ogbegie, who said that the traditional rulers prayed for the APC candidate, Ize-Iyamu at the meeting.

Emwata discounted Osa-Ogegie, saying that the APC governorship candidate was rejected in Edo Central, which he insisted has been a stronghold of the PDP since 1999. Emwata also said that the Enogie of Uromi at the meeting of traditional rulers with the APC leaders in Igueben, banned Oshiomhole and the APC campaign team from visiting his palace in Uromi. Emwata was of the view that Oshiomhole is suffering political karma, adding that APC has been rejected in Edo Central.


  1. Every well meaning edorite should reject the evils of oshomole and his APC. I think since he oshomole and his kangalo screening panel has succeeded in removing obasaki as the APC candidate for the election, that he should stop wasting his time and energy in campaigning for his size iyamu, rather he should go and wait for obaseki to win the election, then,
    them that disqualifies him will no got to court to prove that obaseki won the election with forge document. And the same senaro in bayelsa should come to be in Edo. If he really know that his panel judgement against obaseki NTSC cert. Is genuine and was not made from hatred and baisness. Why will he want to should to the world that Edo state and its people are all his subject politically?, why will he insist in playing the role of God in edo,? What make him think that he is the mightier and the greatest politician in Edo? It right time for the Edo people to start fighting for their political freedom political slevery. Oshomole is evil and should be resisted. God bless nigerian, God bless Edo state.

    • Shut ur mouth up bcos the ibos only support & clap for looters,for every Edo person who actually cares for infrastructures will forever be grateful to Oshiomhole

  2. Shut ur mouth up bcos the ibos only support & clap for looters,for every Edo person who actually cares for infrastructures will forever be grateful to Oshiomhole

  3. Oshomole didn’t only suspended our king but he look dawn on the whole kingdom and suspende us .he could not say because of this person. Oshomole further embarrassed us during when our king wanted to celebrated his new yam festival he sent some boy to the kingdom to come and remove the banners printed by our king and paste in front of his palace. This is just the beginning of oshomole political dawn fall

  4. It pain me that they didn’t beat oshomole in my Town. I pray he enter the town before the election .I we be happy to hear that boys beat oshomole in Uromi then we will come out when it turns case.oshomole make people to mock us the money that was supposed to be paid to our king oshomole directed it be paid to alphanege home. It paid me that oshomole was not injured in Uromi he should tried it again

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