How Yoruba ‘traitors’ exposed Sunday Igboho’s power to FG for arrest

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There are emerging revelations that some kinsmen in Yoruba land allegedly gave out critical information that aided the invasion of the residence of

Sunday Adeyemo, a.k.a. Sunday Igboho, leader of the agitation for Yoruba nation,  who was later arrested in Benin Republic. Some Yoruba elders expressed the belief that Sunday Igboho still has the powers to vanish even from the detention cell where he is in the custody of the security operatives. They stated that the invasion of his residence by security operatives would not have been possible if their Yoruba kinsmen did not give out detailed information on Igboho’s powers and how to overcome him.

It was disclosed that the security operatives during the raid on Igboho’s residence allegedly took away many charms, including live cat. The informants were said to have provided detailed information on where the charms were hidden, facilitating the security operations.

It was alleged that Igboho is being chained on both hands and legs in the detention cell; the elders said that the alleged chains were not for punishment but to prevent him from using the hands to pick any substance or object with which he could make incantations and vanish from the detention cell. They  insisted that the powers are still with him, but he needs to perform certain verbal rituals with earthly substance to exercise those powers.

The Yoruba elders decried that Sunday Igboho’s travail was caused from within, and by his Yoruba kinsmen who leaked information of his powers. The elders described those kinsmen as “Yoruba traitors”.  They added that the successful raid of Igboho’s residence was the beginning of his fall.

It will be recalled that the lead counsel to Igboho, Ibrahim Salami, earlier raised alarm that his client is being purportedly chained in the police cell.