See how friends beat and record this lady for dating their father (Video)

The video wherein some group of young girls, in their early 20s with Edo accents, molesting their mate for having an affair with one of their dad has gone viral.
The alleged culprit, accused of being in an immoral relationship with a dad to one of the girls, is mute as she helplessly receives series of slaps from the girls.
She tried covering her face, but the girls who are three in number, aside the one taping the incedent, overpowers her. They forced her hands off her face and slapped her even as they scolded her.
“I took you as my person” one of the girls regrets. As another complained in pidgin English, “you wan scatter my mama marriage?”.
One social media comment reads,
“Lol this Girls are playing with Jail time, your shameless father asked her out i wish she’s my sister unah mama go cry for you guys”
Another says,
“This rubbish will continue because the ladies are too afraid to confront the men but flex muscles with their fellow females.”
Here is a link to the video:


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