Benny Da Jeweler, one of the most creative and ambitious jewellers of the new era

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Benny Nisanov is one of the most creative jewellers of the 21st century, catering to a wide variety of customers. He is also known as Benny Da Jeweler.
Born on 30th March in 1990 in Briarwood, NewYork, he is most famous for his unique celebrity custom jewellery designs.
Moshe Nisanov has worked for more than 20 years before handing over the responsibility of the shop to his son, Benny Nisanov.
From a very young age that is from the age of 8, Benny helped his father with the shop. He believes that whatever he has learnt today is all because of his father. Without his father’s blessings and lessons, he would not be able to each at the top today.
In 2017, Benny Nisanov married his wife Frieda and the couple were soon blessed with 2 children. For now, he and his family reside in New York City. Recently, Benny opened his Jewellery shop after 8 years in the business.
He opened his new shop in the Diamond District of the city. 5 years in, business is running smoothly. The shop is one of the renowned stores in New York city along 47th street.
They offer a huge collection of products like:
2. Stone encrusted tennis chains.
3. Gold chains.
4. Pendants.
5. Watches.
6. Earrings.
The process of getting a piece of jewellery made from Benny Da Jeweller is quite fascinating. The clients contact Benny and tell him what kind of piece they want to be made, it can be a word, a name, a design, etc.
First, Benny will make a rough draft of the design drawn out and then carve it out onto wooden pieces to mimic the final design if the client approves the mock piece.
 After approval of these mock pieces, the various options of stone quality and price ranges are decided to start working on the order.
Celebrities like Diddy, Pop Smoke, Mary J. Blige, Lil Tjay, Tim Hardaway Jr, the famous Comb family and French Montana love Benny’s work as he delivers exactly what they wanted.
A few days ago, Bobby Shmurda showed his recent extravagant pieces which was an iced-out “GS9” emblem which is made by Benny Da Jeweler. He wants to expand his business in the United States.
He also working on his upcoming projects which includes four customized pieces for French Montana and many more.
Benny has now become the best jeweller not only for celebrities but also for the common man. Benny Nisanov recently got featured in media outlets like Yahoo, American Daily Post, Latestly, Globe News Wire, Pawn Shop News.
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