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Adeleke approves N1.6bn bond certificates for 346 retirees



Adeleke approves N1.6bn bond certificates for 346 retirees
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Osun State  Governor Ademola Adeleke has approved the release of N1,625,332,835:75 worth of bond certificates, in a move met with much acclaim, to retired public servants under the Contributory Pension Scheme.

This news, confirmed by a statement signed by the Permanent Secretary of the Local Government Staff Pension Bureau, Mr. Ibrahim Akibu, promises long-awaited financial relief for hundreds of retirees.

The statement specifies that 346 individuals will benefit from this initiative, encompassing 182 retired primary school teachers and 164 former local government staffers.

This marks a crucial step in Governor Adeleke’s commitment to public service welfare, both during active service and after retirement.

“The presentation of the bond certificates is a continuation of the state government’s commitment to workers’ welfare, in and out of service,” the statement emphasizes.

It further underlines this commitment by highlighting the initiative as a “fulfillment of Governor Adeleke’s open resolve to clear backlogs of salaries, pension, and emoluments issues within the public service.”

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This action builds upon Governor Adeleke’s earlier efforts to address outstanding financial obligations inherited from the previous administration.

His previous focus on paying half salaries and other accrued emoluments owed to public servants demonstrated his dedication to resolving long-standing financial issues within the state’s public sector.

With the distribution of these bond certificates, hundreds of retirees in Osun State can finally look forward to financial security and a chance to move beyond past struggles.

Governor Adeleke’s initiative has been lauded for its timeliness and for showcasing a genuine commitment to the well-being of the state’s public servants.

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