7 Things your children should know on how to avoid cultists in school

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Before you proceed to read this article, please understand that I am not a cultist, I neither was, nor would ever be. Considering the increasing rate of killings, harassments and molestations, especially in different levels of schools in different locations by cultists, I had to write this piece specially for students, both those who have been in school and those who are yet to be admitted into any of the several schools in Nigeria.

Now let’s talk about the subject matter. Parents have the major role to play in the lives of their children. Paying your child’s school fees and ensuring that he or she reads his or her books are important, but the safety of that child of yours in that school is more important. That is why I have explained what you should teach your children to help them escape cultism and avoid cultists in schools below.

1. Teach them to dress innocently by minding what they wear.

Cultists are known for different things, such as the type of clothes they wear. The type of clothes your children wear in school can take them close to cultists. Educate them on the importance of minding their choices of colour of clothes.

Colour combination can be risky if cultists are around a school. There are some colour combinations that are known to belong to a particular cult.

I may not be very correct about the colour combinations that can attract cultists to your children, but they should avoid some colour combination like yellow and yellow, red and red, red and black and so on. It is better to dress simply than to fall in the hands of cultists.

2. Teach them to face their books.

Of course, the reason your children are sent to school is because of their books. Teach them the importance of minding their education. If they face their books, they would not have time to gallivant, party and dress immorally.

3. Relationship with the so called big and pretty girls.

In our society today, dating a big and pretty girl has a way of boosting a man’s ego and respect. Dating or being around the pretty ladies can attract cultists to your children, especially those that have been trying so hard to have an affair with them. If they are close to pretty girls, they may assume that they are dating them, therefore, they might come for them.

4. Teach them to mind their words and stay away from people that have coded languages and slangs.

If they don’t know the meaning of any suspicious slang, please they should not use them. They could be around a cultist who may become interested in them when they innocently use such languages and slangs.

The best thing they can do is to move far away from people who use strange languages and slangs. They should not mingle with them.

5. They should mind their hand signals and handshakes.

A particular hand signal may mean nothing to a student, but it may mean a lot to cultists. Teach them to stay away from any other form of handshake that is different from the normal handshake that everyone knows as they could be attracting cultists by adding some little embellishments to the normal handshake.

6. Teach them how to be humble, patient and respectful.

Being humble, patient and respectful can save your child’s life in school. Your child may not be able to differentiate between a cultist and a normal student, but being respectful will keep him or her away from trouble.

They should respect anyone they see in school no matter how small they may look. They should not underestimate anyone. For girls, they should be polite to their toasters.

7. Walking at night.

This should be avoided completely. Cultists and other criminals usually operate at night when no one would see them. A student will likely fall in trouble if he or she grows the habit of walking at night.