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Patriotism: A tool for socio-economic development



Patriotism: A tool for socio-economic Development
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Patriotism has become intertwined with socio-economic development in almost every modern country in the world.  Many countries view patriotism as an integral part of their nation-building and promotion of socio-economic development.
It is often argued that patriotism is essential to effectively grow and sustain a country’s economy.
As a sense of national identity and pride, patriotism increases the likelihood of citizens’ willingness to sacrifice personal interests for the common good of the nation.
Patriotism brings people together and encourages them to work collaboratively towards a shared national goal.
patriotism affects socio-economic development due to the connection between the sense of national identity and commitment to the success of the national economy.
As citizens become more deeply committed to their nation, driven to make changes for the betterment of the nation and thus, its economic well-being (Bhagwati, 2010).
Furthermore, patriotism acts as an important economic stimulant for economic growth. 
National pride and unity increases consumers’ demand for domestic products, encouraging businesses to invest more resources in developing the country’s economy.
Companies are likely to accelerate the production of goods, resulting in increased job opportunities and economic activity (Fibercon, 2019).
As citizens become passionate about the betterment of their country, they are more likely to become civically engaged, working together to demand greater integrity from their political institutions and leaders.
Dedication to country can prompt people to take action for positive reforms, from cleaning up the environment to fighting corruption and discriminatory practices.
People who are proud of their nation’s history, values, and achievements may also be more willing to invest their time, a key element of sustaining and improving quality services and infrastructure.
Furthermore, patriotism can help build solidarity, bringing people together across divides of religion, ethnicity, and politics, to achieve common national goals.