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TEAMNIGERIA4CHANGE Holds Workshop To Showcase Opportunities In Lagos State, Nigeria



Team Nigeria for change
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In a bid to empower the youth and foster economic growth, TEAMNIGERIA4CHANGE organized a workshop to showcase the vast opportunities available in Lagos State, Nigeria. The event, which took place on October 12th, 2023,at the prestigious Excellence Hotel , Ogba Lagos , featured prominent speakers who shared their insights and expertise on leveraging the potentials of Lagos State.

Team Nigeria for

A cross section of attendees

The workshop, held at the conference center, was well-attended by young entrepreneurs, students, and professionals eager to learn how to make the most of the abundant opportunities within Lagos State. The event aimed to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders in Lagos, a state renowned for its economic vibrancy and cultural diversity.

Speakers at the workshop included Mr. Adeyemi Sowande, the Country Representative of the G-20 Youth Summit in Nigeria. He emphasized the importance of youth engagement in economic development and encouraged the attendees to participate actively in shaping the state’s future. Mr. Sowande stated, “Lagos State offers a wealth of opportunities for its youth. It’s our duty to empower them and guide them towards harnessing these opportunities.”

Another prominent speaker, Mrs. Olanrewaju Oluyide, the CEO of Ambig Entrepreneurs Network Limited, shared her journey as an entrepreneur in Lagos. She highlighted the diversity of sectors where young individuals can thrive, including technology, agriculture, and the creative arts. Her success story served as an inspiration for many in the audience, showing that entrepreneurial success is attainable with the right guidance and determination.

Barrister Kehinde Oshorun, the CEO of PK LamorGroup, brought a legal perspective to the event, discussing the regulatory environment in Lagos. She emphasized the importance of legal compliance and ethical business practices. Barrister Osorun stated, “Navigating the legal landscape is vital for anyone looking to establish or expand a business in Lagos. Knowing the legal requirements and regulations is crucial for long-term success.” She stressed that the first step is getting the business registered with corporate affairs commission (CAC) she also disclosed that patience is a critical factor in succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Team Nigeria for change

A cross section of attendees

The Commissioner for Commerce, Trade and Investment was ably represented by Mr. Aro Peter , while The Commissioner for Tourism was represented by Mrs. Lawal, while the Commissioner for Agriculture was represented by Dr. Ade Adewunmi. They discussed various programs aimed at fostering entrepreneurship, improving agricultural practices, and promoting tourism in the state. They also disclosed that most of the trainings come free of charge.

Also present at the event were Mr. Bunmi Oluyadi, Vice Chairman, Ojodu Local Council Development Area Comrade Rasak Oladosu, Aghedo Stephen and representatives of different youth organizations.

One of the speakers

The event resonated with the participants, many of whom left with a renewed sense of purpose and a clearer understanding of the opportunities within Lagos State. Chinyere Eze, a young entrepreneur, commented, “This workshop has been eye-opening. I now have a better understanding of how to start and grow my business in Lagos. The insights from the speakers were invaluable.”

The workshop’s overarching message was that Lagos State, often referred to as the economic hub of Nigeria, offers a multitude of opportunities for its youth. With the right guidance, entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong work ethic, individuals can tap into these opportunities and contribute to the state’s growth and development.

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TEAMNIGERIA4CHANGE, an organization committed to positive change in Nigeria, pledged to continue hosting workshops and events that empower the nation’s youth and drive economic progress. Their efforts align with the broader goal of unlocking the potential of Lagos State and, by extension, the entire country.

In his closing remark, Otunba Bestman Nze-Jumbo, the President of TeamNigeria4Change, disclosed that the program will be replicated in all the senatorial districts in Lagos State as part of the group’s contribution to the society.

He further stated that the youths are the future of Nigeria and exposing them to the right opportunities and ways to have of productive engagement is something that everyone ought to see as a collective responsibility.

As the workshop concluded, it was evident that TEAMNIGERIA4CHANGE and its esteemed speakers had succeeded in their mission to inspire and educate the youth about the vast opportunities in Lagos State. The event served as a significant step toward nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs and change-makers who will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the future prosperity of Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

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