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NCC, Galaxy Backbone discuss initiatives to fortify Nigeria’s telecommunications landscape



NCC, Galaxy Backbone discuss initiatives to fortify Nigeria’s telecommunications landscape
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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and Galaxy Backbone are in talks on how to chart the course for future technological frontiers in Nigeria.

Galaxy Backbone was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria to operate a nationwide IP-based network that will provide a common platform for connectivity and other infrastructure services for all Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

During a courtesy visit by leadership of Galaxy Backbone led by Prof. Ibrahim A. Adeyanju to the EVC of NCC, Dr. Aminu Maida both agencies seized the chance to delve into realms ripe for collaboration, sparking a symphony of ideas aimed at fortifying Nigeria’s telecommunications landscape.

Dr. Maida and Prof. Adeyanju ignited a symphony of ideas, weaving a tapestry of innovation destined to transform their nation. With fervor and vision, they embarked on a journey to harness technology’s boundless potential, envisioning a landscape where connectivity thrived and digital services flourished.

Their dialogue resolved with optimism and purpose, laying the foundation for initiatives that would bridge gaps, empower communities, and propel their country into a future of limitless possibilities.

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Specifically, their aim is to forge an unbreakable bond, fueling the proliferation of cutting-edge infrastructure and high-speed broadband services across the nation. As they convened, sparks of innovation danced in the air, each idea a stepping stone towards a future where connectivity knows no bounds.

With minds ablaze and determination unwavering, they embarked on a journey of collaboration, painting a canvas of progress and possibility. Together, they laid the groundwork for a digital landscape where every corner resonates with the pulse of connectivity, uniting communities and empowering dreams.

In a harmonious symphony of ambition and collaboration, both entities fervently declared their dedication to igniting the flames of innovation and fostering digital metamorphosis within the vibrant tapestry of Nigeria. Their shared vision was a kaleidoscope of possibilities, woven with threads of progress and adorned with the promise of accessibility to unparalleled telecommunications excellence.

Together, they pledged to sculpt a landscape where every citizen could traverse the digital realm with ease, transcending boundaries and embracing the boundless opportunities of tomorrow.


The visit served as a powerful reminder of the pivotal role strategic alliances play in propelling Nigeria’s digital economy forward, solidifying its status as a frontrunner in Africa’s telecommunications arena.

This collaborative effort underscores a shared vision for innovation and progress, laying the groundwork for transformative growth and heightened connectivity across the nation. By fostering these partnerships, Nigeria is poised to chart new territories, harnessing the collective strength of its diverse stakeholders to shape a brighter, more inclusive digital future for all.

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