Why the legs of diabetic patients are often amputated

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Diabetes is a chronic health conditions and one of the deadliest types of diseases around the world. It has really negatively affected the lives of a lot of people leading to untimely time or pain and Suffering before death.

Diabetes at this point has no cure, so it is either managed with habits or with your lifestyle. One of the common things most diabetic patients face is amputation and a lot of non diabetic people wonder why this happens often.

Well here are some of the reasons why the Legs of Diabetic Patients are Often Amputated.

1. Insufficient blood going to that area

When the blood supply reduces at a particular part of the body it starts to get dry leading to decay.

This insufficient blood going to the area is caused as a result of nerve damage. When the nerves damage, not enough blood will go to certain areas of the body leading to decay and eventually amputation of the affected area.

2. Tingling sensations which eventually becomes sores on the legs

Tingling and burning sensations are one of the major signs of diabetic nerve damage. When this happens and not treated with care, it could lead to ulcer in the legs which will never heal until amputated.

3. Open wounds

When you have an accident or an open wound on your legs as a diabetic patient, if not taken with care, it could eventually lead to amputation.

Ways to Prevent this

1. Watch your sugar level very well as a diabetic patient

Once you start suffering from Diabetes make it a habit to check your blood sugar level almost every day. This is to know which level it is at and when to look for ways to reduce it more.

2. Avoid injuries

Make it a standard that you will be wearing socks and slappers more often as this will protect your leg as injuries leading to amputation.