Why Tinubu can’t be entrusted with Nigeria’s presidency – Bode George

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Former National Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Olabode George has given reasons why Nigerians shouldn’t entrust former Lagos state governor, Bola Tinubu with Nigeria’s presidency in 2023.

Speaking as a guest on Arise TV, breakfast programme, The Morning Show, Olabode George described Tinubu as a man who lied about his heritage – his place of birth, his name, and educational qualifications.

The former Military Governor, who was reacting to the content of My Participations, a book written by former Governor of Osun State, Bisi Akande, detested a situation in which a lot of space was devoted to heaping praises on Tinubu, while castigating other Yoruba leaders, such as Ayo Adebanjo, wondering why the Asiwaju, should deserve such encomiums despite a legacy of mindless pillaging of Lagos by his family and the stranglehold he had maintained in the state ever since.

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“What I expect from someone who is over 80, even if you are 70, you should be bold enough to tell the truth to power. These details are not just coming from my head. I was Chairman South West of the PDP. There are 137 local governments in the South West, minimum times that I visited – five – I went to all the local governments in the South West. I knew who was where and what was what. So, what are you lying for? And then we should now trust you to manage the resources of this country for the benefit of Nigerians?

“Look at what he left Lagos. Who is the Iyaloga of Lagos? Who is the sole person controlling the signage in the whole of Lagos State? Who is the Senator, representing Lagos Central? Now, you would be President, your wife will be Senate President, your son will be governor and your daughter will be Iyaloga? Come on! Then we will better change Nigeria’s name to Tinubu. That’s what I’m saying.

“Now, he’s gravitating to a whole nation. I thought it was a joke until I listened to what he was saying. God has blessed this country. We have pools of people all over the corners of this country who would tell the truth to power. If you cannot tell the truth, how can we trust you that you will manage our resources to our betterment, because we’re seeing the legacy you left in Lagos.

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“You have become an oracle. Nobody can talk to you. You select who would be in the bathroom, and who should not be there, who should eat and who should not eat. And see all those of our elders who surrounded him and lying with him, and saying he’s from this and that – be proud about your heritage. That’s how we can trust you.

“Look at where we are now. Baba Akande, spearheaded the union between the AD and CPC. It is a contraption. It’s a party of strange bedfellows. So, we’re entering the year of decision now. And I want to beg Nigerians to take a very deep breath and look at everybody who is coming out. If you have a filth in your closet, be bold enough to tell the truth to power. If you don’t do it, then don’t complain.”