FG consults on shutdown of Third Mainland Bridge for repairs

    The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Adedamola Kuti, has revealed that the Federal Government is having consultations with stakeholders on the closure of the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos for repairs. He explained that the Ministry of Works would hold meetings to discuss how to manage traffic during the repairs.

    The Federal Controller indicated that stakeholders who would be attending the meeting to discuss the repairs include traffic regulatory agencies, transport unions, truck owners and drivers’ unions, law enforcement agents, among others.

    National Daily gathered that no specific date for the closure of the Bridge or commencement and duration of repairs was given, Kuti, however, said that the bridge may be “shut 12 midnight on Thursday, tests conducted, followed by repairs and open it to traffic by midnight on Sunday.” He added that six other damaged bridges across the state are already undergoing maintenance and rehabilitation.

    Kuti had declared: “The Federal Executive Council has approved the maintenance work on the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos State.

    “The project has taken off already and in carrying out the work, we may at certain times be shutting down the bridge for maintenance.

    “At the moment, we may begin with tests on the bridge, so, we may shut it by 12 midnight on Thursday and carry out tests and some repairs and open it to traffic by midnight on Sunday.

     “We have contracts on maintenance of some of the bridges in Lagos.

    “We are completing maintenance work on the expansion joints on the Coconut Bridge. We are expecting the contractor to start work on the Independence Bridge in Lagos. There is repair work going on currently on the Apapa Bridge, that is, Ijora/Leventis Bridge.

    “Maintenance work is ongoing on the Ijora-7up Bridge; we are also changing the expansion joints.

    “On the bridge around the National Stadium area, we are putting covers to all the stolen manholes; we are replacing the steel covers from stadium to Costain.”