Abaribe urges FG to be sincere, nationalistic for survival of Nigeria


Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, Senate Minority Leader of the Nigerian National Assembly, had on Wednesday admonished the Federal Government on the need to be sincere in handling security crisis across the country. The Senate Minority Leader condemned the bombing of the police headquarters and attack on the prisons in Imo State by gunmen. He expressed dissatisfaction with the imbalance in the running of the Nigerian government. Abaribe, therefore, advocated that the federal government must be more nationalistic if Nigeria is to be saved from implosion.

Senator Abaribe, in a statement by his Media Adviser, Uchenna Awom, on Wednesday declared: “Time has come for sincerity and nationalistic approach by government to address the myriad of problems besetting the country, especially insecurity and poor management of the country’s diversity.

“The time for a knee-jerk approach and fixated mindset in the investigation of criminal attacks by the security agencies has gone. It is not enough to be driven by a certain mindset, which has the tendency of foreclosing other probable leads and motives during investigations of very serious crimes like the ones we are currently experiencing.

“This time calls for deeper introspection and painstaking investigation by the relevant security agencies so that we nip these dangerous dimensions in the bud if the country must be rescued from falling off the cliff.”

The Minority Leader of the Senate lamented the serial attacks on police personnel, other security operatives and security facilities in Nigeria in the recent time. He advocated for a thorough investigations into the emerging wave of attack on police formations in the country.

Senator Abaribe also expressed disenchantment with the unusual and frightening wave of violent uprising in the Southeast, pointing out the attack on the Correctional Centre, including the Police Command Headquarters in Owerri, Imo State and the killings in Ebonyi State.

Senator Abaribe demanded the security agencies to thoroughly investigate the violence surge and unravel the motives behind the incessant destruction and killings, then, arrest the criminal elements to face the full weight of the law.

The Senator declared that attack on security agencies is unacceptable and stands condemned.

Senator Abaribe decried that Nigeria is fast sliding into total anarchy; he warned that the federal government should rise up and address the deplorable security situation in the country holistically, taking Nigeria as a nation.