How Gov Uzodinma lied Imo was attacked to destabilise Buhari administration

Uzodinma under suspicion of sabotage in police, prisons attacks in Imo


Several stakeholders in Imo State have berated Governor Hope Uzodinma, who they said lied that the state was attacked to destabilize the All Progressives Congress (APC) government led by President Muhammadu Buhari at the centre. The Imo State governor said that aggrieved politicians in the state were responsible for the destruction of security facilities, releasing of inmates from the prisons in the state. Uzodinma had on Wednesday declared that the aim of the perceived aggrieved politicians was to destabilise the President Muhammadu Buhari government and his government in Imo.

Imo stakeholders, however, scolded Uzodinma for the conceived lies and blame trading, urging the governor to accept responsibility for failure of governance in Imo State under his leadership. The stakeholders emphasized that Uzodinma has failed the people of Imo State and should own up to his failure rather than blaming the opposition on the carnage in the state.

Some gunmen had on Monday invaded the Nigerian Correctional Services where about 1,884 inmates were said to be release after the prisons doors were thrown open. The gunmen further detonated explosives at the Headquarters of the Imo State Police Command, which was razed by inferno.

Another police station was set ablaze in Imo State a day after by the perturbators.

Uzodinma had stated that intelligence gathered by the security agencies in the state revealed the sponsors of the thugs and their planning leading to the Monday coordinated attacks.

Uzodinma was cited to have declared in a media interaction: “It is not only on my government, it is both on my government and the Federal Government. We have credible evidence leading to those who paid the hoodlums, where they met, and how they met. Security agencies are already working with this information.

“Some people are trying to sponsor a synchronise national crisis to bring the government of Muhammadu Buhari to disrepute, otherwise tell me why these things are happening at this time, particularly in Imo, APC state.

“People are sponsoring these people. Some of them already caught have made confessional statements. I am going to forward my report to the central government.”

Some stakeholders were of the view that Governor Uzodinma is facing legitimacy crisis in Imo State, perceived not to be representing the original leadership choice of the people.

Some others enjoined Uzodinma to deal with the realities in the state and desist from falsehood and propaganda to deceive the world that the president is the target of the destructions in Imo. They reminded Uzodinma that Buhari is not the governor of Imo State, neither is he President of Imo State.

Imo and Ebonyi states had become entities of pandemonium and destruction of lives and property by armed groups since the two states fell under the control of APC.

The former Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, had without proper investigation or facts, rashly concluded that the Imo attacks were carried out by IPOB. However, Uzodinma faulted the former IGP, exonerating IPOB from the attacks, accusing opposition politicians to be responsible  for the carnage.