According to doctors, only these 3 parts need proper cleaning

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According to experts, we are bathing too often and scrubbing too thoroughly. They gave a reason for their claim, too often bathing and too much scrubbing cause the skin to peel. Because of the recent pandemic, we have learned how important it is to wash our hands frequently in order to protect ourselves and others from this potentially deadly disease.

The truth is that although bathing is essential, excessive showering will actually do more harm than good to the body. Doctors report that you should only wash three parts of your body with soap, the rest of your body should be washed with freshwater.

Only three places on the body need so much attention: the armpits, the groin and the feet. The rest of the body only needs a good rinse with water. What doctors mention is that whenever you wash your body from head to toe with soap and water, you are in fact contributing to developing healthy skin problems such as eczema and other skin problems.

Sandy Skotnicky, a dermatology assistant professor, says the risk of killing beneficial bacteria by scrubbing the whole body with soap and sponge puts the body at risk of destroying what it needs to distinguish between good bacteria and bad bacteria.

Moreover, the doctor explained that the body needs certain bacteria to prevent skin infections; scrubbing these bacteria off would only expose the skin to certain skin conditions that it was not supposed to have.

Nevertheless, you are free to give your entire body a good scrub and wash if, for instance, you were caught in a muddy puddle or are covered in paints or other substances that need washing. Besides that, the only places where you need to wash each day are the armpits, the groins, and the soles of your feet.

After years of detailed study, doctors have discovered that there is in fact a type of bacteria that live on the skin and which can reduce the chances of getting skin cancer under certain conditions. But when people repeatedly scrub themselves with soap they are making it impossible for these helpful microbes to function properly.

In conclusion, the armpits, groins, and feet are known to be areas in the body where sensitive skin infections and bacteria like to live. These areas are frequently found to be infected with ingrown hairs and to have fungus growing in them, that is why they need regular soap cleansing.