COVID -19: Fear is the actual pandemic 

Biggest casualty of COVID? Personal Freedoms
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By Ifeanyi Izeze

Whether anybody wants to hear this or not, there are obvious hiatuses that we need to seriously interrogate going forward on the ongoing COVID-19 scourge that has besieged us. The caveat here is that if you don’t like or agree with my views on this piece, instead of name- callings and smears, please articulate and present your own views to further enrich the discuss.

As widely published, scores of medical experts from across the world including some Nigerian doctors and virologists, had come out to openly declare that “COVID-19 has no capacity to kill a healthy man.” Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) had also explained that “for most people, COVID-19 infection will cause mild illness.” These can be crosschecked!
Also, the statistics of recoveries in some countries, including Nigeria, are indications that COVID-19 is not a death sentence as it is readily surmountable.

So what is the real problem?
Clearly, fear is being deliberately created in the minds of the people about the deadly nature of corona virus infection. Different shades of opinions had come out to say that actually the virus may have been created and released to create fear.

Without going into the controversy of where it originated from, we need to know what China did to eradicate or rather contained COVID – 19 scourge in that country. The development in China and statistics of recovery and recording negative after having tested positive before isolation shows corona virus is not a death sentence, it is very curable and can be survived.

With this prevailing fear that was deliberately created and heavily sponsored, citizens of the world especially in the areas where the virus infection has been established and classified as “Pandemic”, would be willing to collect whatever the architects of this scheme will shortly come out with as the antidote to the scourge of this virulent disease. And in this case, it’s going to be a special vaccine which will instead of being injected, would rather be implanted.

In the first instance, is flu (cold, catarrh and cough) new on earth including our clime? During the dusty and very wet seasons, we all know this ailment affects some people particularly the more vulnerable groups: children and the aged? But because the whole world is focused on Corona they don’t talk about it. Whether you want to believe this or not, the spiritual controls the physical and it has been duly proven that fear weakens people’s immune system.
How come the so many people that have been cured (recovered) are not so good news enough to trend and the number of people that are recovering everyday are never deducted from the ever-swelling statistics on the number of recorded victims?

Just when you want to hear that 25 people have been cured and discharged from Lagos or elswhere, a new story of fresh 40 cases in Zamfara or 60 in Anamabra will hit the news/social media and that would swallow the story of the massive numbers of recoveries. The new cases would trend until another set of fresh cases are reported in another section of the country.

Also, could it be deliberate that of the few reported deaths under this Covid-19 siege in Nigeria or even elsewhere, nobody states whether the victims had other underlying illnesses which they’ve managed over time. Once the person dies, they say it is Corona. Is it not clear that the plan is deliberately to frighten the people? the concept of Covid-19 pandemic was obviously created in other to create fear and panic among the people.

If you still don’t yet know what is going on, know today; it’s not about the Corona virus. This is basically a group of people serving a devilish cause trying to checkmate humanity to hell.

Don’t be ignorant, neither silent. This isn’t a time to seat on the fence because there is no fence. This isn’t about religion because as you can see, there isn’t one either as now everybody is in his or her house alone. It boils down to two options: Life or Death; Heaven or Hell!