EmmaRose Shippers come through for Tega as they gift her money bouquet 

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The reality star, whose exit from the show earned her criticisms rather than praises now has reason to be thankful. Seeing as she didn’t exactly have fans of her own, fans of her co-stars, Emmanuel and Liquorose, decided to show up for her.

The fans who are also called Emmarose surprised Tega with an array of beautiful gifts and she took to social media to show them off.


Tega noted that she was having a hectic day when she got a surprise visit from a certain @Whema, who then presented her with lavish gifts, courtesy of Emmarose fans.

The BBNaija star explained her excitement and noted that she was still trying to coordinate herself.

The gifts included a bouquet of cash made up of crisp N1000 notes, a customised bottle of wine, journal, a customised cup, chocolates, a big picture frame and more.