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Nigeria confronted with multifaceted challenges – Akpabio



Nigeria confronted with multifaceted challenges - Akpabio
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Senate President, Sen. Godswill Akpabio, on Tuesday, disclosed that Nigeria is facing numerous multifaceted challenges that require immediate collective action to find solutions, National Daily Newspaper gathered.

He identified insecurity and terrorism, economic distortions, hunger, and emergency responses as major concerns.

Addressing senators upon their return to work after the Easter and Sallah recess, Akpabio cited recent incidents to illustrate the gravity of the challenges.

These multifaceted  challenges included the killing of 17 soldiers in Okuama, Delta State, the tragic incident on the East-West Road in Rivers State which claimed five lives, and the increase in electricity tariffs and petroleum product prices.

Akpabio stressed that these incidents underscore the urgency and seriousness of the challenges facing the nation.

He highlighted the loss of soldiers as multifaceted challenge and a reminder of the ongoing threats from insecurity and terrorism.

The Senate President also emphasized the importance of addressing issues such as affordability, inflation, and overall economic well-being, especially in light of the recent increase in tariffs and prices.

While applauding the measures introduced by the Executive to tackle the country’s challenges, the Senate President pledged the cooperation of the National Assembly to work together to bring succor to Nigerians.

He added, “The National Assembly can only fly with two wings.

Therefore, both the Senate and the House of Representatives must collaborate and cooperate and provide the wings for the National Assembly to fly and lift Nigerians up.

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We must at all times collaborate and cooperate with the other arms of government, without compromising our Constitutional duties, in order for our democracy to thrive.


“As senators, our efforts must be focused on restoring hope, righting wrongs, and upholding our commitments to the well-being of our people.

Together, fueled by a renewed spirit of fraternity, unity, and solidarity, we must move forward and cooperate generously for the common good.

“Throughout history, the spirit of cooperation has brought about tremendous progress.

Let us pool our resources, talents, and ideas, while respecting our differences and convictions of conscience, National Daily Newspaper gathered.