Ethicist advocates organizations imposing COVID mandates must be responsible for harms

COVID-19: NCDC confirms 135 new infections, total now 161,409
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An ethicist in Canada, Dr. Julie Ponesse, is challenging the imposition of COVID vaccine mandate on citizens by governments and organizations across the world, denying citizens their medical rights and also leaving the people to the harm that comes with the vaccine mandate and covid restrictions.

Ethicist Julie Ponesse, has advocated that “organizations that impose COVID-19 mandates must also be responsible for the harms those mandates could potentially cause and cannot be absolved by claiming they were following orders from Health Canada.”

There has been mass protest of the vaccine mandate across the world. The protesters are demanding their freedom to medical choice, as well as resisting the imposition of COVID vaccine on healthy citizens, while those who have been vaccinated are yet to be properly protected; and governments are enforcing booster vaccine jabs.

Besides, there have been reports of adverse effects of covid vaccine across the world, but governments and organizations continue to insist on mass vaccination of the world population.

While governments and organizations are insisting on compulsory covid vaccine jabs, none is accepting responsibility for the harm people suffer from the vaccine jabs.

A group has taken up legal prosecution of the world leaders and organizations for crime against humanity in the enforcement of compulsory covid vaccine and the allied protocols.