Filmmaker harps on effective communication for successful marriage in movie

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A filmmaker Nike Erinle on Thursday said that her new movie provides solutions to divorce, advising Nigerians to embrace effective communication for successful marriage. Erinle said this during an interview session in Lagos.
She said that effective communication, commitment, respect, faithfulness and love were very important in any marriage that must be successful.
According to her, increase in the rate of divorce, separation and single parenting had become issues of worry to her as a filmmaker.
She said this had endeared her to produce a movie “The Other Side” to speak directly to couples on what must be done to keep marriages successful.
“Couples must learn the skills for effective communication, this is very important in marriage because many couples only assume and do not communicate adequately.
“Also the two parties involved in marriage must give their 100 per cent attention, commitment, respect, faithfulness and love to the marriage.
“Without these traits exhibited in marriage, we have increasing number of divorce, separation and single parenting which is tearing the society apart.
“This is my worry and I have produced this movie for couples to watch and learn.
“The Other Side is currently in the cinemas, in about 40 cinemas nationwide already and I have renowned artistes as Omoni Oboli, Amanda Ebeye, Bobby Ogbodo and more featured in the movie,” she said.
Erinle advised couples to endure whatever they might be going through in their marriages in as much as their emotional and mental health were not at risk.
She said this was because “marriage is all about two imperfect individuals coming together from different backgrounds; so with this understanding, both parties must create room for forgiveness at all time.’’
According to her, the biblical precept of marriage should be adhered to.
“Marriage is worth giving one’s all but not losing one’s life over
“I believe entertainment is a strong outlet to pass across messages and films are powerful tools to correct societal ills.
“I know my film will speak to the problems of lots of marriages and mend them,” she added.