Israel lifts mask requirement with few exceptions

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Israel is lifting the obligation to wear masks, with a few exceptions, due to the persistently low number of people newly infected with the coronavirus.

From Tuesday, only unvaccinated visitors and staff in hospitals and care facilities will have to wear masks.

The reason for this is the increased risk of patients and senior citizens becoming ill.

People on their way to quarantine, as well as passengers and staff in aeroplanes, must also continue to wear masks, the Ministry of Health had earlier announced on Monday evening.

In Israel, a country of 9 million people, almost 5.5 million people have already received a first vaccination and more than 5.1 million had a second vaccination.

New infections and severe illnesses have declined sharply in recent months.

Earlier on Monday, the Ministry of Health announced that only four new cases had been registered within 24 hours.

On June 1, Israel largely lifted government restrictions.

Since then, masks have no longer been compulsory outdoors.

Recently, many Israelis have already stopped wearing masks in shops.