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NIPOST shuts down illegal operators of courier services



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Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has clamped down on Efex Express Limited, Westhood Courier Service and Easy Errand Courier service for illegal operations.

The general Manager, courier Regulatory Department, NIPOST Dr. Andrew Ebiloma during the clamp down on the operators in Lagos, at the weekend, said the move was to deter other illegal operators and drive compliance.

He added that the Federal Government’s policy on the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) was for courier businesses to get their licenses and have regulatory backing for operation.

Ebiloma noted that the Federal Government places premium on the sector because it’s a major driver of the economy.

He said that the proliferation of illegal services have hindered the registered businesses from thriving and have shortchanged government revenue.

“We get report of misplaced parcels but we can’t track that delivery if it is not from a registered firm. Many people think they can do brisk business. Those that NIPOST shut down today have been engaging in illegal operations. This is to warn others and make them regularise their papers.

“Government is losing millions due to the illegal operators. So, anyone caught would be made to face the full process of the law. We have valid reasons to shut down on these firms today because we have enough evidence against them”, he said

Ebiloma stressed that NIPOST would not relent until illegal operators become non-existent.

“The license for national service is N2 million. If in a year, 50 firms decide not to get their license, that’s a huge loss to the government already.

“Also, doing business legitimately would boost employment because there is basic recruitment that must be made. The yearly renewal also help NIPOST know if you are still in business and viable. This in a way places checks on the registered businesses,” he added.

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