Ortom calls Benue citizens lazy, bottlemen

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Benue Governor Samuel Ortom has lashed out at his citizens, especially the indigenes, whom he said have kept accusing him of adding no value to them.

He believes they are talking under the influence.

“If you go round Makurdi town, our people start drinking beer from 9 am and some from there, they will go to sleep and they come back and insult the governor for not helping them to add value to their lives,” he said while commissioning a megachurch in Markurdi during the weekend.

He said rather than work hard so they can succeed like some other ethnic groups in the state, the citizens resort to baseless allegations.

“Every new building that you see in Benue State, they say that it’s Samuel Ortom that is building it; he is stealing and doing that.

“In politics, people say a lot of things: blackmail, insults and intimidation. You face all sorts of things no matter what you do with the people, they always find something around.”

The PDP  governor has always made it appear the opposition and Fulani herders are his major critics—until now that he is describing most of the state as winebibbers.