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Police arrest Pique



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In Spain, a driver is given 12 points on their license but can be banned if they lose them for traffic offences.
When they get down to zero, the driver is not allowed back on the road until they complete a 24-hour course and pass a test at the Traffic Headquarters.
Traffic officers found Pique to be illegally driving with zero points on his licence and subsequently banned him from getting behind the wheel.
But the 31-year-old ensured he wouldn’t be late for training on Monday after rocking up on a personalised bike that can reach over 45mph.
According to AS, Pique was saddled to a state-of-the-art G12 H bike that is customised for the Catalan ace.
The company gave him, Cesc Fabregas and Lionel Messi their own bikes and it appears Pique will be putting his to good use in the near future.
A video showed the defender flying through the streets of Barcelona and he didn’t need to pedal once with the motor doing all the work.
Barca manager Ernesto Valverde would have been wincing seeing the footage of Pique using no hands and no helmet during a section of the journey.
Pique will wait to hear the verdict from his driving offence which carries a punishment of six months in prison or a £5370 fine.
Pique has a history of offences on the road and just last year he was in trouble for breaking the speed limit and reckless driving.
In 2014 he was slapped with a £9400 fine following an altercation with a traffic officer.
And three years before that he was caught holding a child in his arms instead of having him on a designated seat.

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