What Canadian Prime Minister, Trudeau, did to journalist with Rebel News

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The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has been involved in allegations of assault through his personal RCMP security aides who publicly beat up a journalist, David Menzies, working with Rebel News.

The security details of prime minster Justin Trudeau were said to have attacked and battered David Menzies in a public place on Thursday, December 9, 2021.

It was narrated that David Menzies was standing on a public sidewalk outside a public event as Trudeau was attending a Liberal Christmas Party, just like any other journalist, hanging out to raise a question for Trudeau on his way to the event.

Rebel News management protested that the security details have hatred for Rebel News because their boss hates the media platform.

PM Trudeau was said to have severally declared that Rebel News does not deserve any respect. He barred the media platform from attending public press conferences in the country; and insults the reporters when they succeed to gatecrash into any.

Rebel News decried that PM Trudeau demonized them, demoralized them  and defamed them for five years, thereafter, his staff bought into the message, resorted attacking reporters of the media platform.

According to Rebel News management: “They smashed David’s face against the wall, David was so stunned; he couldn’t speak straight.

“They beat him up, they bloodied him. They destroyed his property.”

They maintained that David went to a doctor later that night, after he has been brutalized, noting that “his ears were still ringing, and he was bloodied and cut.”

Rebel News lamented that “the Toronto Police Service came quickly, but they refused to lay charges against Trudeau’s thugs, despite the assault being caught on video. They know it would be career suicide to cross Trudeau.”

Rebel News, therefore, went to court to file a lawsuit on behalf of David, to seek redress.

“This isn’t how we live in Canada. This is the kind of thing that you might expect from an authoritarian regime like Turkey, or Russia, or Venezuela.

“Imagine if Stephen Harper’s bodyguards had beat up a CBC reporter!

“But I fear that because most of the media is on Trudeau’s payroll now too, they’ll be silent, or even say that David “deserved it”, the Media organization declared.


  1. If The media is on Trudeau’s payroll, I hope he is paying for them and not the Canadian tax payer. If the Canadian tax payer is paying for main stream media, the sooner these leeches are off the Government tit, the better for Canada. If the Canadian tax payer is funding these media corporations, they are not independent and they are not reliable news sources. Words like censorship, bias, suppression come to mind. Corporate welfare!