What happens to the body when you lie on your left side?

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Sleeping pose is very important for health!

Sleep is very important for the body to fully relax and accumulate maximum energy. People who sleep poorly and poorly often experience serious health problems such as chronic fatigue, pale skin, and a bad mood.

While this may sound strange, sleeping on your left side has many health benefits.

– Lymph flows to the left. The left side of the body is the controlling side of the lymphatic system. Lymph secretes proteins, metabolites, glucose, and wastes to open up the lymph nodes in its path and flow to the left.

– The stomach and pancreas bend to the left. Resting on your left side for a short time will help your digestive system work better. In this case, the food will act naturally and will be separated by stomach and pancreatic enzymes.

Sleeping on the left will help cleanse the liver, secrete enzymes towards the gastrointestinal tract, neutralize stomach acid and emulsify fats.

– The main secret of sleeping on the left side is that it allows you to expel toxins. The small intestine secretes toxins into the right valves of the body before emptying the food into the large intestine. The large intestine descends from the right side of the body through the abdominal cavity to the left.

– Sleeping on the left side stimulates the movement of toxins and simply allows them to be eliminated from the large intestine. At this time, toxins are very easily transported into the intestine, and the process of removing them in the morning is simplified.

– Heart function improves. More than 80% of the heart is located on the left side of the body. The aorta is the largest artery in the body and leaves most of the left side of the heart before blood enters the lower part of the body. In other words, when the heart is lying on the left side, it performs blood circulation more easily.