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Why energy drink is bad for your health



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Energy drinks are usually a common part of the diet of many Nigerians especially those involved in strenuous activities either on a daily basis or for a particular action and some others just take it for the sake of taking it without having any cogent reason for doing so.\

However this aforementioned drink comes with a huge price tag not in the monetary value but rather in the attendant health challenges that come with it.

This article wishes to inform you that energy drinks aren’t really safe for drinking and you’ll be saving yourself from a lot if problems if you choose to shun them.

Those problems are:

1. Cardiac arrest

Studies have shown that energy drinks cause more forceful contractions of the heart which might be lethal for whoever has an underlying heart tissue.

This might lead to cardiac arrest after just a few cups or gulps of the drink.

2. Headaches

Energy drinks have been discovered to be notorious for the causing of headaches and migraines which is a result of the change in the daily caffeine ingestion.

3. Diabetes

Most energy drinks have been discovered to contain a high dose of sugar which might quickly wear out the islets of langerhans which results In Diabetes mellitus.

4. High blood pressure


Caffeine is notorious for dilating blood vessels and thus causes high blood pressure when present in large proportions

5. Vomiting

Too many of this drinks can lead to incessant vomiting which may come with dehydration and possibly worse health conditions.

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