Reasons why your period comes late sometimes

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When the menstrual cycle for a woman doesn’t start as expected it’s said to be a late period, with a normal cycle lasting between 24 – 38 days. Seven days late period might be pregnancy although there are other factors that may trigger a late or skipped period.

Your period is late and you don’t know if you’re pregnant, as the day slowly walks by you sat on your cushion wondering. Instructions on home pregnancy test kit or strip talk about the missed periods and so does your educator. What do they all mean?

A missed period is when you expect your monthly menstrual flow to have started probably the previous day, and still, it has not started. There are so many factors that can cause a late period or you might just be pregnant if you’re sexually active.

Some women can accurately predict the day their period will start because their menstrual cycle lasts the same number of days every month while others have a menstrual cycle that’s a little different every month.24 to 28 days menstrual cycle is considered regular.

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The symptoms for a delayed period are obvious to regular menstrual cycle women cause they have an accurate knowledge of expectance. It is okay for a period to arrive at a slightly different schedule. Pregnancy is a common reason for the delayed or late period but it isn’t entirely the only reason that delays a woman’s period. Below are some reasons for the late period:

Weight loss or gain


Alternated sleep schedule (shift, travel, work)


Drug use


Rigorous workout

You’ve gone over your menstrual cycle and none of the above causes can be found, endeavor to go for a pregnancy test or consult your doctor.