Why most embassies deny Nigerian youth visa

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The process of applying for a visa could be tasking and worrisome, from the stage of sourcing for documents to that of putting the documents together, and then filling the online forms to the last stage of submission at the embassy or the visa application centers, yet you can’t be sure of success until the day of collection of your international passport. However only a hundred out every one million visa applications for Nigerian youths come out successful, the rest are rejected for one reason or the other.

 Some of the reasons for refusal include:

1-. Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided:

This means the relevant documents (see your travel advisor for the required documents of each embassy) were not submitted.

The documents you submitted couldn’t justify your purpose of stay.

Your acclaimed family relationship was not substantiated with an abundance of evidence.

Your acclaimed purpose of visit “tourism” was not supported by a tour pass, tour itinerary, and a receipt from a reliable tour operator.

Your intended duration of stay doesn’t tally with your leave entitlements.

The flight and hotel reservation you submitted has been canceled before getting to the embassy.

2-. Your intention to leave the country before the expiry of the visas was not ascertained.

This refers to your ability to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have strong family, economic, professional, employment ties to your home country.

See your travel agent, if you do not have a credible one, I recommend flyafricans.com for consultation.

Here, your past will hunt you, the proper use of your past visas will be evaluated, if you have ever overstayed, you stand a chance of receiving a denial letter.

3-. A forged travel document was submitted. 

It is advisable not to ever submit a false or forged travel document to any embassy. their database management system is excellent. They keep records!

4-. Proof of provided means of subsistence was not provided for the duration of intended stay:

You have not provided adequate proof of finance for your stay in that country. Bear in mind that a bank confirmation without your 3months bank statement is not sufficient for this. See your travel consultant, if you do not have one, I recommend you visit flyafricans.com for consultation.

5-. Proof of a valid travel medical insurance was not provided(see flyafricans.com for this)

There are certain travel insurance certificates that embassies work with.

There is a certain value in terms of coverage they look out for in those travel insurance certificates.

6-. The layout of your document

Every embassy has its own layout for submission of documents, however, if they are not arranged the way they ought to be arranged, you stand a chance of getting a refusal letter.

Get a consultation from your travel company, if you do not have one, I recommend you visit flyafricans.com for more information.

7-. The information concerning the justification of purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable

This affirms that you have contradictory statements on the purpose of the stay column in your application form.


8-. The way you address the embassy. 

There is a difference between an embassy and a consulate.

All of them have a specimen for addressing them

Visa officers have ranks, you shouldn’t address a high commissioner as a deputy high commissioner or as a consulate, consider a young man addressing a king like he is addressing a chief.

9-. Letters.

It is important to note that embassies have their specimens for letters, they have their specimen for a letter of invitation, etc.

Consider your uncle in the UK, to write the embassy that he would be responsible for your needs during your stay, automatically, you would get a denial letter. See your travel advisor for letter templates and if you do not have one, I recommend you visit flyafricans.com for more clarity.